The DiaNova Mission

10 Million people in the US and many times around the globe suffer from Intimacy Anxiety Disorder.  We see a world where the ability for intimate connection is possible for everybody. The DiaNova Foundation’s mission is to pioneer training and research on intimacy anxiety and equip healers to work with those affected. 

Most noteworthy, we endeavor to enable individuals to build and maintain spiritually-grounded, loving, nurturing and healthy intimate relationships, particularly for persons who are impeded by high anxiety, trauma and related causes.  At the DiaNova Foundation we emphatically believe that the spirit, mind and body need to be integrated in order to heal.

The key DiaNova differentiator is combining spiritual guidance together with experiential work that integrates breathing, touching, sensing and moving as necessary components of complete and thorough healing and lifelong change. Other aspects of the healing span from cognitive reframing of unhelpful beliefs to catching up on simple dating skills that have not been used for a long time, depending on where the client lands on the intimacy anxiety spectrum.

People Overcoming Intimacy Anxiety Disorder


Change begins with awareness. That knowing deep inside that something needs attention. That is where healing begins. Prevention comes from experience, care and a desire to help others. So, please jump in and explore and in that space you’ll know where to take action.

The DiaNova Institute is the educational arm of the DiaNova Foundation focused on training practicioners, researching new procedures and deepening the data around the treatment of Intimacy Anxiety Disorder (IAD)

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Intimacy Anxiety Disorder is high anxiety regarding some or all aspects of intimacy. And Intimacy is one of the strongest drives in human experience. Intimacy refers to the feeling of being in a close personal association and belonging together; a familiar and very close affective connection with another.

There are many individuals who have the desire, are yearning, to form an intimate relationship with a potential partner or romantic interest, but have very high anxiety regarding initiating behavior. These people can be considered for a diagnosis of Intimacy Anxiety Disorder. There are 10 million people with Intimacy Anxiety Disorder in US.

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“Intimacy anxiety is real and we are striving as much as possible to create a brilliant program and training mecca for this pervasive and equally real societal challenge. Furthermore, we can’t get the word out nor the practitioners trained fast and fully enough to meet this challenge head on and look forward to partnerships and collaborations to work with us on our mission to make sure that everyone has a chance at healthy, integrated intimate connection.”

David Floyer, President, DiaNova Foundation Board of Directors

“It’s exciting to know that through this Institute we will be training and equipping the caretakers of the near future who are passionate about assisting in this highly-evolved process aimed at the care and support of millions who are somewhere on the intimacy anxiety spectrum. We are all focused on the importance of making this education and the profession as impeccable as possible.”

Jennifer Britton, Dean of Academic Affairs, The DiaNova Institute